Premium-Quality Mattress Mould Removal Services

      Have you been sleeping on a mattress that has mould on it? If yes, then get it cleaned right away from the professionals at Reflex Mattress Cleaning. The mould can have some serious ill effects on your body and leaving it untreated on the mattress can cause fungal infection. The mattress mould removal Jeir service is offered by our company to all the people living in Jeir.

      By choosing our mould removal services Jeir, you can get assured results within a few minutes. With safe anti-fungal products and advanced techniques, our professionals remove mould from mattress. To make sure that the maximum number of people can take the advantage of our exceptional services, we have kept the rates in an affordable range. The mould has the tendency to spread at an uncontrollable rate. It needs to be stopped at the initial stage otherwise, it will destroy the mattress. So, book the mattress mould removal treatment before it’s too late.

      We offer different advantages like a free quote, online booking facility, customer support and guaranteed client satisfaction. Our company never compromises on quality and delivers successful results every time after cleaning a mattress. So, if you are panicking because of mattress fungus, then leave all your worries to our experienced mattress cleaners.

      Harmful Effects of Mould

      Mattress mould removal treatment is necessary because fungal infections spread when mould interacts with human body. A mattress with mould looks awful and stinks badly. It disturbs the sleep and also affects mental peace. The particles of this fungus are also inhaled by people during sleeping time and that becomes a reason for respiratory diseases.

      The air quality near the bed is also affected by the mould. We can say that mould has different kinds of negative impacts on life and it needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Wondering how can you detect the mould? It’s simple! The mould spreads every day. It looks like multicoloured fuzz and has a peculiar odour. If you have been noticing these kinds of signs, then book our services without further delay.

      What makes it Easy for the Mould to Grow in Mattress?

      The mould primarily needs moisture to grow. This is possible in a mattress because it absorbs moisture from human sweat, liquid spills and air humidity. People generally keep the windows closed because of dust. But, this results in a lack of sunlight in the bedroom. The flat mattress doesn’t even have space for air circulation which also makes it favourable for the mould to spread.

      Removal of mould from the mattress can be a tedious task. Take help from our mattress mould removal team and enjoy sleeping on a mould-free mattress!

      What is the Professional Method of Mattress Mould Removal Treatment?

      Some people feel that hiring a professional is simply wastage of money. They try to implement some DIY hacks and think that they will be able to control the mould permanently. But that’s not possible. You cannot destroy the fungus easily. A proper professional method is required to clean the mould from the mattress. Want to know more about the process? Check out the steps mentioned below:

      • The professionals have thorough knowledge about the behaviour of the mould. They know the factors that can contribute to its growth. Their first priority is to check the type of mould, the mattress type and determine the sources that are increasing its growth.
      • Mattress mould removal Jeir starts with the dust particles and other loose debris from the mattress. This makes the mattress surface ready for the application of anti-fungal products.
      • The anti-fungal products are applied on the affected areas and infused into the mattress through scrubbing. The product is left to react for a few minutes. The solution along with the mould residue is removed carefully by the experts.
      • When mould is removed, the mattress is sanitised and deodorised for disinfecting the mattress.
      • Finally, the mattress is left under the fan for a few hours so that it can dry properly.

      Simple Tips to Control the Mould

      • Lower down the humidity level in the bedroom to prevent the growth of mould. This can be done by using a dehumidifier.
      • The mould present on the bedding can be destroyed by washing in hot water. You can get various kinds of infections by using unwashed bed sheets and pillow covers.
      • You must avoid drinking coffee or other beverages on the bed because a few drops of liquid absorbed by the mattress can cause fungal growth.
      • It is important to dry the mattress completely within 72 hours if any kind of liquid falls over the mattress. It is better to keep the mattress under the sunlight so that the water is evaporated.

      Why Should You Choose Reflex Mattress Cleaning?

      It is essential to book the mattress mould removal services once or twice a year especially if the climate is always humid and your kids keep on spilling the liquids on the mattress. Make Reflex Mattress Cleaning your one-stop destination for booking mattress cleaning services because of the following reasons:

      • Our team has certified and experienced individuals who possess a deep understanding of different kinds of cleaning products and processes.
      • If you want to book the service urgently, then you can make the booking through our website.
      • The services offered by our company are free from hidden charges. Our services are cost-effective and are easily affordable.
      • If you need work on large-scale for hospital or hotel, then you can contact us. We offer services for both residential and commercial properties.
      • Non-allergic, eco-friendly and mattress-friendly anti-fungal products are applied on the mattress during the process.
      • You don’t have to purchase the cleaning essentials because our experts bring everything with them.

      Frequently Asked Questions about Mattress Mould Removal Jeir

      1. Is it possible to remove the mould with vacuum cleaner?

      No, it is not possible to remove the mould with a vacuum cleaner. The mould spreads deep inside the mattress and spoils it. The vacuum cleaner can only remove the mould that is present on the surface. It cannot sterilise and deep clean the mattress.

      2. I don’t have time on weekends. Can you provide the mattress mould removal treatment on weekends?

      Yes, Reflex Mattress Cleaning can provide you with the services on weekends.

      3. What are the kinds of products used to kill the fungus?

      We use different kinds of anti-fungal products to destroy fungus. The mould needs an effective treatment and it cannot be removed without using chemicals. But, to ensure the safety of our clients, we use non-allergic and non-toxic products.

      4. Can you remove the mould from memory foam mattress?

      Yes, we can remove the mould from all kinds of mattresses including, innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses and latex mattresses.

      5. How can I contact your company to know more about the services?

      We have a dedicated customer care team that works hard to help you with all the queries and concerns related to our services.

      Premium quality Mould removal services Jeir can be booked at affordable prices on our website. So, book the service now and get rid of the mould!

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