Mattress Sanitising Services Canberra

      Why Should You Be Concerned About Mattress Sanitation?

      Probably, sanitising your mattress isn’t on your to-do list. Many people are ignorant of how unclean mattresses can be and how they can influence you. It’s due to a lack of understanding about the mattress. Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you with making your mattress as clean as fresh so you can enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep.

      When you need Mattress Sanitising Services Canberra that is both fast and clean, don’t hesitate to call Reflex Mattress Cleaning Canberra.

      You will use our Mattress Sanitising Services Canberra same as you vacuum your carpet and upholstery regularly.

      Mattress cleaning is now more common as people get more health-conscious, and we advise everyone to check the hygiene of their mattress to ensure they get the quality sleep they deserve.

      When is a Mattress Certified Clean?

      If a mattress has no scent and no marks, it is considered to be new. We rarely notice the subtle smell that is still there but is overpowered by the air freshener, or the complete colour change of the mattress, which causes us to lose sight of the actual colour. If you have any doubts? When was the last time you double-checked? Check for stains and odours by removing the bed cover and all other coverings. If you haven’t cleaned your mattress in at least three months, you’re more likely to make a difference. Yes, a three-month-old mattress will not be clean enough, and the worst thing is that you’ll be ignorant of it.

      Unless contaminated by body fluids or another cause, the mattress’s cloth does not tan or change colour. As a result, a mattress’s tidiness can be determined simply by looking at it. Another thing to consider when judging cleanliness is the smell.

      How Do We Disinfect your Mattress?

      Deep vacuuming and spot removal are simple ways to remove stains. However, Mattress Cleaning Services‘ main goal is to make the mattress’s interior odour-free and tidy.

      How we go about disinfecting our mattresses:

      Our experts start by removing all of the mattress's covers and washing them thoroughly.

      • A strong vacuum is applied to the mattress. Deep between the crevices and folds, a professional vacuum is used, capable of sucking in the hundreds of skin cells shed every day. It should give the fabric a new look. A vacuum is run all over the mattress to maintain cleanliness.
      • Stain prevention products and wet wipes are used to identify and clear any stains or spots on the product. It's performed in such a manner that very little water or solvent is absorbed.
      • Following it is sterilisation, which is the most significant aspect of mattress disinfecting facilities. The mattress is designed to absorb organic sanitising chemicals, leaving traces. It would eliminate the majority of the scent.
      • If there is a scent, deodoriser is used in conjunction with the sterilising solution. It is sprayed lightly at the end, which not only eliminates the current smell but also avoids scent in the future.

      How can you keep the mattress from being littered?

      Mattresses are exposed to deliberate littering, and unintended littering is rare. Body fluids play a significant role in how they get unclean. Sweat and body oil, and dead cells that fall off during the night, are the main contributors. Sweat and oil break down the surface, allowing the smell to grow over time, while dead cells lingering on the surface, attracting dust mites.

      • Vacuum or disinfect the mattress daily to keep bed bugs and infections at bay. It is necessary to do this once per week.
      • When you have a baby or a pet at home, your mattress is at risk. They are subjected to even more fluids, such as urine and faeces, which stain the outside and are collected. To keep pee out, place a plastic sheet between the mattress and the comforter cover. It is more cost-effective and feasible to change the comforter cover.
      • Once a month, lay your mattress out in the sun to dry. The hot sun disinfects the mattress by drying all of the liquid material, destroying all bacterial growth, and deodorising it.
      • When you're not in the room, leave the windows unlocked to let fresh air and sunshine in, which helps to reduce smell development and speed up the drying of substances in the cloth.

      Hire Professional Services

      If you follow these instructions, you will require licensed mattress disinfecting facilities less often. We suggest getting our service more often if you are caring for a baby at night since newborns are more sensitive than adults. Reflex Mattress Cleaning Canberra will clean and sanitise your mattress in as little as a day, meaning that your snuggly and cosy mattress is prepared for the night. Remember to plan your future trips ahead of time to ensure hassle-free follow-up maintenance.

      Mattress Sanitising Services Canberra FAQ

      What is the cost of sanitising a mattress?
      The cost requires labour which varies depending on the size of the mattress and other factors. Our prices are reasonable so you need not worry.

      Is it possible to sanitise a mattress?
      Steam washing is the most traditional way to sanitise the mattress; it’s more like dry cleaning. What you need is a handheld steamer, similar to the one used to steam clothes, to break up stains and get rid of those pesky dust mites.

      Can I use a carpet cleaner to clean my mattress?
      If your carpet cleaner has a hand extension, you can use it to vacuum your mattress. And make sure it doesn’t get wet.

      Is it true that a steam cleaner kills bed bugs?
      Bed bugs cannot be destroyed by carpet cleaning equipment because they cannot exceed high enough temperatures. When bed bugs are on an objects’ surface, steam is very effective and can penetrate 3/4 inch into cloth surfaces. Steam will destroy bed bugs up to 2-3/8” into cracks and crevices.

      Should you vacuum your bed?
      Vacuuming the mattress at least once a month is also wise to practice. Dirt, debris, and dust mites accumulate in mattresses. Particularly those of us who do not suffer from allergies can find dust and dirt in our mattresses. Using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner, vacuum your mattress.