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      How Our Professionals Clean the Mattress?

      Mattress cleaning service Canberra requires adherence to a systematic plan. It makes it easy for professionals to pay attention to every aspect of the cleaning process. To yield the perfect results, we implement the following steps:


      Our team checks all the corners of the mattress and identify the areas that need treatment. Products are also selected after checking the material of the mattress.

      Best Cleaning

      The experts remove the dirt, dust and other particles trapped in the fabric of the mattress.

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      Mattress Cleaning Treatment

      Different problems are treated with different kinds of processes. Fungus is removed through mattress mould removal process while the spots are removed with mattress stain removal procedure.

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      Mattress Sanitisation and Deodorisation

      Sanitizing a mattress is essential to kill the hazardous germs that are left after the cleaning treatment. Deodorisation is done to remove the bad odour and infuse a pleasant odour in the mattress.

      Best Perfume

      The solvents used in the cleaning treatments can leave some moisture in the mattress. The expert makes sure that the mattress is dried properly.

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